AxGIS is the leading Visualization solution for Commercial Real Estate



Analyze your Properties, Tenant, Leases for Returns, Rents, Occupancy …

visually … and using the performance measures you want ! 


For Shopping Malls, Office Buildings, Distribution Centres 

Flexible Analysis

You can define how you want to analyze the Floor Plan via multiple Themes & Categories.  Define which fields you want to see and the labels for them.

Dig Deep

See multiple Frames of data, Drill-down for more details.   Define  multiple views each with different Effective Dates, and save them with Version control.

Split & Combine

On the fly, you can Split one unit into multiple new units, or you can Combine multiple units to form one new unit.   Save each designs onto its own Version.

Fully Integrated

Feed your Unit, Tenant, Lease data from any ERP or Legacy system into AxGIS.

iPad Version

As well as the web server version, AxGIS provides a fully functional iPad version.

Flexible Analysis

AxGIS lets you define how to analyze your property units, tenants, and leases.

Define your own Themes (Dimensions)

You can define which themes (or dimensions) you want to use to analyze the performance of your property units and your tenants.

A sample list of important dimensions are shown in the window left, and you can define as many further dimensions as you want.

You can load the matching data into AxGIS from any ERP, Leasing, or Legacy system required.

Define your own Categories for your Dimensions

You can define what Categories you want to use for each Theme (Dimension), to analyze performance in way that is meaningful to you.

For example, you can breakdown the Lease Expiration theme into categories by time bucket, such as Expired / Within 30 days / 31-60 days / etc.

You can assign meaningful colors to each Category, such as Red for Expired leases.

When you load your ERP / Leasing / Legacy system data into AxGIS, it is automatically classified into the correct Category for each Theme.

Floorplan is displayed for the Categories defined for the Theme

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